About Estate Planning Law


Estate planning, simply, is making sure that the things you have worked hard for in your life go to those who deserve it, and who you want to have it, not the government, not the people who you loaned funds to and were not repaid, and not those who would use it selfishly. By using the lawyers at Bandré Hunt & Snider, LLC to help with your estate planning, you can minimize the stress and financial toll on your survivors after you are gone, and can maximize the amount of your money and assets that you are able to pass along as inheritance.


Why is Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney a Good Idea?


If you died today without doing any sort of estate planning, the court system, government and estate lawyers are going to each make a significant sum of money off of the transfer of your assets. Additionally, funds will go to whom the legislature selected, and they are often different recipients than you would have chosen.  With some advance planning and a reasonable fee, you can often save significant money for your heirs, as well as just easing a concern about what will happen to your home, bank accounts, heirlooms, etc.


Bandré Hunt & Snider, LLC Should Be Your First Choice in Estate Planning Law


Our attorneys have counseled thousands of clients on issues pertaining to wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, and non-probate transfers. Most of those clients have been referrals from other satisfied clients of the firm. We value our return clients and referrals, and strive for every client to be fully satisfied with their experience with a lawyer. We want as much of your estate to go to your heirs, and as little as possible to make its way to the courts, the government, and lawyers after death.


Our estate planning lawyers have experience from the basic will up to complex trusts designed to take advantage of tax exemptions and loopholes. We take a comprehensive view of the situation, as estate planning is not something that is the same from person to person. What your parents or neighbors did for estate planning is often not what will best serve you. It is not uncommon for our lawyers to talk a potential client out of having an expensive trust drawn up, as the client will not realize a benefit from that particular estate planning tool. If you have not seen a lawyer about your estate, you should. Whether you choose Bandré Hunt & Snider, LLC or another law firm, estate planning is an area that you should have addressed. It is a surprisingly inexpensive investment, which if done properly, can bring huge dividends, along with peace of mind.