About Criminal Law and Criminal Lawyers


Why Is a Criminal Defense Attorney a Good Idea?


It is important to hire a criminal attorney to help ensure your civil rights are protected and to help review all evidence with you. In addition, the criminal code is complex and a criminal attorney can help explain the charges against you and the potential consequences of a finding of guilt or full conviction. In addition to the possibility of being incarcerated or heavily fined, there are other significant collateral consequences to being charged with a crime. Fortunately, a criminal law attorney can help you avoid these consequences all together or significantly minimize them.


Bandré Hunt & Snider Has a Local Team of Expert Criminal Lawyers Working in Jefferson City


We work with courts and prosecutors all across mid-Missouri, so we have a firm understanding of Missouri’s laws and how to best protect our clients in criminal law cases. We always put our client’s needs first in every situation and will work zealously on every case to the end whether it is through a negotiated plea, trial or a dismissal of the charges.


The best result in any criminal case is a dismissal of the charges, and this can be achieved by hiring a professional criminal lawyer who will work to suppress damaging evidence, or who will work to persuade the prosecution of the weaknesses in their case or persuade the judge of the lack of evidence. If the case is not one which will be dismissed, then other successful outcomes could include deferral, probation or a not-guilty verdict following a trial. The criminal attorneys at Bandré Hunt & Snider, LLC have tried numerous criminal trials and have successfully obtained not guilty verdicts for clients in the past.