Business and Corporate Law

Our business and corporate law services

Bandré Hunt & Snider, LLC offers a full range of services to our corporate and business clients. We counsel those looking to start a business on the business model that will best serve their needs. We then are experienced in setting up corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and other business entities. We have served as corporate counsel for companies, assisting them in issues as far-ranging as dealing with unemployment claims, worker’s compensation claims, dealing with troublesome employees, asset transfers, purchase and sale of real estate and intellectual property, and even just offering advice on strategies. We have assisted with Attorney General and other administrative investigations, and even drafted the paperwork for giveaways and promotions.


Why is a business or corporate attorney a good idea?

Your business is your income, your image and (hopefully) your passion. That important aspect of your life needs to be guarded and respected. A profitable company needs to be mindful of protecting its assets, and a struggling entity needs to be handled so as to protect its owners’ interests. You should be unencumbered and allowed to do the daily work of your business, and trust in your attorneys to provide solid advice and input into the matters that are related to the law.


Why Bandré Hunt & Snider, LLC should be your choice

We are also business owners, and have walked the roads that you are traveling with your business. We are familiar with the business landscape in Central Missouri, and have the contacts within our industry and others to offer a complete range of services to you. Our rates are affordable, and we operate under a team approach, where your failures reflect upon us, and thus we want to strive for as much success for you and your company as we can provide and with which we can assist.
Our attorneys have participated in and set up the sale and purchase of numerous businesses throughout Missouri. We have litigated business claims with combined values of over thirty million dollars. We have set up hundreds of companies, both large and small, and have provided every level of service to many of those companies since our inception. We have a trusted team of outside experts for tax information and referrals, and we pride ourselves on our litigation services for our business clients.